Welcome to Gozo Artisans!

Malta Enterprise in collaboration with the Malta Communications Authority and MCAST (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre) have worked together to develop an online presence which will bind all the artisans in Gozo on a common platform. This online presence includes a website, a facebook page, twitter, quarterly newsletter and a blog.

The main aim of this presence is to try to enhance more collaboration and close cooperation amongst these talented and dedicated artisans, as well as to increase awareness about the variety of crafts which one can find on the island. Since these promotional tools are meant to be accessed by both locals as well as tourists, regular online updates shall be taking place so as to promote any events, workshops, or exhibitions so that the wider community too will be able to participate and appreciate these unique works of art.

Although, through the launch of this website, it seems that we have done our part, yet this ‘creative’ journey is yet to start! Hence, we would like to invite all the artisans in Gozo to embark onto this opportunity so that together we will be able to overcome any challenges and to ensure a brighter and colourful future for the artisans in Gozo!


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