Ta’ Dbieġi Crafts Village

Ta’ Dbieġi crafts village is the oldest Crafts Village on the island of Gozo and is located within the tranquil village of Għarb. Easily accessible through various transport means, such as guided tours, hop-on hop-off buses or through public transport, Ta’ Dbieġi crafts village is a destination one would not want to miss.

Historically serving as soldiers’ quarters for the British military service, Ta’ Dbieġi crafts village now boasts high quality craftsmanship which can be enjoyed on a daily basis. The Crafts Village is a must for those seeking quality products manufactured on site by highly qualified artisans.

Ta’ Dbieġi crafts village offers a unique opportunity to observe the artisan at work and the Village also hosts amenities such as access to Wi-Fi and a restaurant.