‘Different, original and unique’ - this is what comes to mind as you enter INKWINA.


INKWINA, the name of this studio and retail outlet, means ‘anvil’.  All artefacts at this studio are lovingly handcrafted from sheet or light metal. The host, John Grech, is an able craftsman who creates his own designs, shaping every piece individually, making each item unique.  John’s shop is purposely built to allow visitors to easily watch him while he meticulously carries out his work. All items are guaranteed to be handcrafted on site and John welcomes any questions one may wish to ask.


John’s dream started as hobby, when he was a young lad. This craft is particularly unusual because John developed his own techniques, most of which evolved through experimentation or serendipity.


Steel work is generally presented in dull flat colours.  But dull flat colours could not be further from John’s work!  The intense vivid colours that John conjures up make you wonder whether the craft is actually iron work or whether it is made of glass.  Such explosion of colour is obtained by using different techniques, with some items coloured by tarnishing the steel with extremely high temperatures.  All the paint work is the result of four different stages of work. It is then baked, making the items weather proof.


Each item has all the properties to become a true collectable:

  • items are uniquely made by one person.
  • each item is signed and dated.
  • apart from being unique, each artefact is a rare piece as only a few copies of the same item are produced. Although the same design is reproduced, it can never be truly replicated.
  • designs are changed on a regular basis.
  • Items vary in size and in style - there is something for every taste and budget.


Whilst most items are decorative pieces, some are functional too, such as candlesticks, clocks, fruit baskets and key holders, to name just a few.  Some ornaments are wall hanging, while others are free standing. Given the material used, items are shatterproof and light to carry, or may be posted or couriered home at a reasonable price.

Contact Details

TBG 020, 021
Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village
Frangisk Portelli Street

+356 2155 0726

The opening hours, are Monday to Saturday 8.00 till 17.00 excluding Sunday.