7 handcrafted gift ideas for Mother’s Day!
Feel like being creative this Mother's Day? Ta' Dbiegi Crafts Village offers you with a vast choice to find unique handcrafted gifts which can also be customised so that you can truly encapsulate your feelings towards your mum, all in one place! Check out these 7 artisanal gift ideas: Candles: You can choose from a vast range of designed, coloured, scented candles or maybe with a quote for your mum! Beryl, the Candle Maker will assist you to make the right choice.      2. Glass: What about this modern classic vase in which can be given on its own, with a bouquet of flowers, used as a planter for your mum's favourite plant or as a candle holder to appreciate the different ...READ MORE

Did you know that……
The Prickly Pear, (known as Bajtar tax-Xewk), grows widely on the Maltese Islands and is generally enjoyed as a typical summer fruit. The Opuntia's fruit, which is sometimes also known as the cactus pear, dates back to hundreds if not thousands of years, used by ancient civilisations and the aztecs. It offers a very unique composition of nutrients, including: High levels of Vitamin C and copper - which helps to boost the immune system. Vitamin B, K and E - Anti aging agents, whilst also promoting growth of healthy and shiny hair. Dietary Fibre - helps in eliminating bloating and constipation. Magnesium - helps to maintain normal function of the nerves and the muscles. Potassium - crucial for heart function. Flavonoid - aids to keep a healthy eyesight and ...READ MORE

Happy Easter!
May you all celebrate this Easter with a heart, filled with love and peace. Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful Easter!

Happy Spring!
Spring is a time to find out: (more…)